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As pet parents we often spend a lot of time wondering if we are doing everything we can for our pets, especially as they age. Well, I am here to tell you that you can stop wondering and call Martha.

I had three lovely and informative sessions with Martha, she is compassionate, patient and holy sh*t is she accurate! My mastiff is going on 13 years old and is starting to have some health issues and before calling Martha he had stopped eating. During my session Martha gave me some insightful information into his health and what was helping him with his arthritis from diet to his exact CBD dosage. I made a few changes to his diet and now he is excited to eat again and I have only Martha to Thank.

Martha was able to provide me with precise information relating to both my dogs. I feel a deeper connection with my pups and our household feels more in sync and at ease now that I understand their pack relationship to one another and even their connection with my 3 year old son. Keep your heart and mind open and call Martha. ❤️
Charra F.
Glendale, CA
“Martha communicated with my two cats, and it was great! She answered some questions I had. Martha also massaged one of my cats a few times. This kitty has no ears. She loved the first time and asked Martha for more massages! Martha also massaged my other cat, too. I truly recommend Martha as an animal communicator! She’s MEOWvelous! “
Michele G.
Los Angeles, CA
“Asking for help for my dear Summer in an Animal Communication group, Martha responded spontaneously and found the source of her pain right away. Short and accurate. Thank you, Martha. “
Susanne P.
“Martha is a compassionate and caring animal communicator who can use her abilities to help strengthen the human / animal bond. She has communicated with two of my cats and, in both cases, helped us to better understand each other. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to build a stronger relationship with their animal companion(s).“
Robin S.
Los Angeles, CA
“Martha was spot on when she communicated with my animals. She was very thorough in describing their personalities, how they felt, and what they enjoyed. I feel closer to my animals after speaking with Martha, and that is a priceless feeling!”
Laura H.
“I had a very special reading for my cats which is a dream come true for me. They don’t get along and I really want to help them with their difficulties. Martha described how she approached Peach and he was very afraid of her st the begining only. Martha described his personality accurately. His message to me was that he loves me and that I shouldn’t be sad. He’s a very loving cat. Regarding Sniff, she saw him dancing with my daughter, which she does often… She holds him like a baby and walks around with him, he loves it. He has a skin problem, Martha told me that I shouldn’t worry about it, and that is also the way I feel about it. Martha gave me some specific suggestions to help Nushi feel better and stop crying, they seem quite helpful. Today, a day after, I feel that the cats are calmer…. I highly recommend that you contact Martha for an accurate reading of your pets and to help you and them have a better understanding of each other and get help improving any issues you have with your cats.”
Sigalit G.
“I don’t know what I was expecting, exactly. I was really hoping Martha would be able to connect with my dogs, and let me know that they are okay. I feel like they’ve always had something to tell me, but we just don’t understand each other. She connected with both of my dogs, and could answer some of my questions with very specific answers. It was important for me to have details that only they would be able to answer, and Martha could provide those. I learned that my dogs are healthy, and happy in their lives with their family. They play such an important role in my life, and I wanted to be sure I am doing everything I can for them. Some answers were unexpected, but they really made sense when considering their personalities. I feel like Martha really helped me understand my puppers more. I see them in a little different light now, which feels great. I feel more connected to them. I would definitely recommend Martha to help you communicate with your animals.”
Stacey B.
South Dakota
“I have so much to say about Martha Malone and my experience. First, I have been trying to be comforted by my dogs passing and had been listening to podcasts. I did not realize I had emailed Martha twice in the last few months for assistance in my grief, so I felt it was really meant to be that I ask Martha to attempt to reach my deceased dog, Lacey. I have never connected with a medium before, although I had always wanted to. For those of you that are unsure and are procrastinating about trying to connect to your pet spirit I urge you to not be afraid and allow Martha Malone to assist. Martha is kind, professional, affordable and gifted. I had been tormented by the sudden death of my dog and after Martha connected with my girl and relayed what she had to say, I feel so relieved and almost invigorated. I want to know more… I will indeed commission Martha again soon to reach out and speak to my dog as it is the most comforting and satisfying experience. Thank you, Martha! I can’t wait for another session with you.”
Yvonne B.
Key West, FL
“Martha very kindly connected to my best boy Midge the cockerel.
Overview on Midge
He is homegrown from my original flock of 4 (a bantam laced cockerel Max and three standard sized hens) and was hatched naturally, but hand reared with his two sisters. So, he’s a very loved and spoiled boy.
At 10 months he became ‘active’ with the hens and caused huge upset resulting in fighting his dad and ultimately, my dog reacting and sadly getting involved! Resulting in us only having one cockerel in the flock again 😢
He’s been an amazing boy and last year we let a broody sit another clutch and four hatched 2 boys and 2 girls. I guessed we would have problems with the dynamics again so around 20 months one boy Buzz was given an old stroppy hen to live with and the smaller boy Hawk stayed with the main flock as he proved immature. That was until Midge fell lame. I noticed him sitting down a lot to start with. Then within days junior hawk was sparring with him as soon as they were out the coup. Again my rescue dog would find them and on one occasion had pinned Hawk down and was plucking him alive! Thank god I was also in our garden and intervened immediately. Hawk made a full recovery and was shipped off to Gloucester to look after 17 ex battery girls on a smallholding of friends. While Midge had gone from bad to worse on his feet I had separated him completely and young buzz, with his grumpy hen, has led the other 6 girls. After a few weeks, Midge seemed good to move, if played with, so I placed a little bullied hen in with him. A reason to get up and out everyday it seemed. He’s not cock-a-doodle doo’ed in weeks though Tonight after Martha’s reading I herded everyone in from the garden half an hour early and let Midge and little Raven out for a blast around the lawns. He looks alert and dandy now. Slow and steady on foot but today is a bright start for him. Tomorrow he can have his two sisters out with him also. The old girls can stick with young Buzz and back to alternating flocks in the run or in the garden.
Martha said Midge felt confused and got a feeling of ‘what’s the point’ I related that to him seeing buzz now leading the flock. 😢 I asked her to assure him buzz will also be kept away and reaffirm our love to him and that things will get back to normal.
She mentions his lackluster to breed, and I will respect that and if we ever add I will rescue xxx Thank you, Martha I feel you have given him the tonic to carry on.
Update 25 October- Midge has made a good recovery. He has no interests in his hens. So glad we gave him the chance to recover.“
Katie F.
Somerset, England, UK
“Martha was super helpful with our cat couch peeing problem. Our couch has been pee-free for a few weeks now! I’m so excited! Martha also really helped us bond with and understand our cat since cats were sort of a new thing for us. The information she gave us was very specific to our situation and extremely helpful.”
Jordan P.
San Diego, CA
“I just had a session with Martha and I have to tell you she is amazing!! She had my horse and dog who passed give their messages of happiness and love among things only I would know. Also, another dog who passed came through and my horse, Var, who is alive and well. I have to say I was leery at first, but I was very satisfied and feel much better knowing my animals are happy in heaven and with me in spirit here on earth as well. Thank you, Martha.
Maura W.
Wellington, FL
“Martha is a lovely person and wonderful animal communicator. She was patient throughout the process of me explaining what was going on, which was a lot because we have nine animals! I could tell how much she loves animals in her interactions with my pets. Being able to talk to my pets was the most wonderful and exciting thing ever!!! We discussed working on the problem between some of our cats and all of them were happy to speak with her. I found out that they preferred clumping litter and they didn’t like the location of one of the boxes. And I got to ask about their pasts and learned one of my kitties searched for me! Martha gave me such a special gift by letting me talk with my babies! I can’t wait to talk to her and my kids more in the future ❤️ Thank you for all you do !”
Nora S.
Chattanooga, TN
“Martha Malone connected with a bat I had rehabilitated, named ‘Ozzy’. Martha could confirm that Ozzy was happy being a free flying bat. Ozzy remembered me & conveyed his appreciation of my help while his wing mended. Thank you, Martha, for talking to Ozzy & for giving me peace of mind knowing he’s living his life freely. “
Holly F.
Decatur, IL
Martha did a wonderful job with my two babies. She had a deep connection with both Maya and Baby since the first time she interacted with them and could capture insightful information about their personalities and likes. Both of my cats were very open with her and shared their love and thoughts. Martha was extremely helpful, preparing Maya and Baby for our departure, making them comfortable by sharing with them how things would have worked in our absence as well as by understanding their needs more in depth. I would definitely recommend Martha, her ability to connect with animals is amazing, and she carries a big open heart and a wide sensibility.”
Melissa M.
“I was really having trouble the week my Scamper passed on. I scheduled call with Martha and she went above and beyond. The call helped me find some peace with Scamper’s passing, and I feel like I am more open to positive energy and change. She mentioned a few things on the call that only myself and Scamper would know. She talked about the last day we spent outside, and saw a vision of Scamper’s pink carrier which I would take her around in everywhere. I look forward to connecting with Scamper again with Martha.”
Mikayla K.
La Palma, CA
“Martha, thank you from my heart for your caring, compassionate communication with Brigger! I feel such comfort in knowing how she feels and that she is in fact in the right space for her purpose as Brigger the bearded dragon. I immediately knew of your authenticity when she told you specific colours of things, experiences, types of food, and more, all of which I never told you about. I highly recommend your services. Thank you again!!”
Marybeth H.
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada​

“I’ve never worked with an animal communicator before, but I was interested in doing so because of some unusual behavior my cat, Timmy, was exhibiting. I came across Martha’s website after a quick Google search and decided to book a session due to all of her positive testimonials. I was not disappointed! Martha was able to help me understand what was going on with Tim in addition to revealing other thoughts and opinions Tim wanted to share! I definitely feel like I have a much better understanding of Tim, and our session with Martha helped strength our relationship with each other. I highly recommend Martha’s services for anyone interested in working with an animal communicator. Not only is she professional, but she’s very kind and compassionate.”

Thanks again,
Nicole A.
Los Angeles, CA
“Martha Malone connected with a bat I had rehabilitated, named ‘Ozzy’. Martha could confirm that Ozzy was happy being a free flying bat. Ozzy remembered me & conveyed his appreciation of my help while his wing mended. Thank you, Martha, for talking to Ozzy & for giving me peace of mind knowing he’s living his life freely. “
Alicia T.
Silverlake, CA
“I reached out to Marth on a very last minute whim and I’m so very glad that I did. Martha was kind and understanding and very real with her connections. I’ve done some animal communications in the past that didn’t go nearly as in depth as Martha did. You can tell feel by the way she communicates that she truly cares for animals and is listening to what they are saying. She was also able to accurately identify some health concerns we have had for a while. Everything she said was not generic and very, very accurate. So if you’ve been putting it off, I suggest you don’t any longer and book some time right away. I would give 6 stars if I could 💫 Thank you Martha , from Leo and Huhu 🖤
Leo O.
Oakland, CA
“I was so amazed at Martha’s ability at communicating with my maltipoo i just lost wednesday I am at peace knowing he’s still around even though we cant see him and crazy to know his spirit comes through my chihuahua I feel it things my maltipoo use to do my chiuahua does as well I am glad to know we can be around him through our chihuahua they were really close as well she was accurate in everything especially about his favorite red ball he plays with also knowing he was a hero that day saving my son also sad to know when she said it was his time to go broke my heart about him and all the details she mentioned I was in chills thank you for a great reading I will for sure refer her to others who are going thru what I had to experience this past week I am glad that I can still have my maltipoo around but only spiritual I will for sure do more readings with martha in the future❤
Lupe N.
Provo, UT
“I was so excited to connect with Martha and the experience was everything we needed and then some! My Jaxx has been experiencing some pain issues and with the recent changes in both of our lives, I knew we needed Martha’s help. She is so supportive, kind and encouraging. Now Jaxx has a roadmap to better health AND I feel a stronger connection to my Jaxx. Thank you, Martha!”
Barbara P.
San Antonio, TX
“Communication with my dog was emotional and made me happy to hear from him. There were some details that we’re very personal that made me know Martha does have the gift of communicating with animals. I’m so happy I heard from my Coco Puff. Happy communicating with Your’s….”
Rose S.
Covina, CA

“My sweet little morkie, Vegas, had become VERY sick. Originally diagnosed with a slipped disc in his back, Vegas’s illness quickly progressed into something different, and much scarier. He began walking in circles, losing his balance, pressing his head into walls, standing in corners of a room. I’d researched the symptoms, and I knew it wasn’t good.

I asked Martha to connect with Vegas to find out how he was feeling, and what he thought about everything that was happening. I hadn’t told her the vet had said it was meningitis, and it was pushing on a tumor in his brain that was causing many of the issues he was having. She was so specific in her discussion, and it was incredibly reassuring. I am always a little skeptical of these kinds of things, but Martha knew details of Vegas’s illness and life that no one could have even guessed.

Martha told me Vegas felt discombobulated and wobbly. He was confused about what was happening, but he knew he was going to get better. I asked if he knew how he’d gotten sick, and she described the location in detail (from a dog’s perspective) to where I had suspected he’d caught the meningitis. She described a road next to a large area of grass. She mentioned wetness, or wet grass. I had suspected he was exposed to chemicals in the grass on a walk. She mentioned Vegas had been nauseous recently, and said it was a place he didn’t think we knew about. She described a particular spot in my closet that Vegas had wandered into the day before. She described the shoes, the fact that it was a secluded area of the closet, and that he’d sort of moved them aside. He had done exactly that, and then vomited in the vent under my shoes.

I asked her what I could do for Vegas, which led to our discussion on food. She explained Vegas wanted finely shredded chicken, peas, and sweet potatoes specifically. There was absolutely NO WAY she could have known that I bought that EXACT combination of meals the day before.

I cannot explain how Martha communicates with animals, but she is absolutely incredible. The accuracy of her communication eliminated ANY lingering doubts I may have had. I purposefully left out details of Vegas’s situation because I didn’t want to feel as if I had led her in any way. I was desperate for her to connect with Vegas, and it would have been so easy for someone to feed off of my fears, or to tell me everything was going to be fine. After our session, I was positive she had connected with my dog. I can’t recommend Martha enough to communicate with the animals in your life.”
Stacey B.
Sioux Falls, SD
“I have worked with many animal communicators over the years, but Martha’s accuracy is astonishing. This morning she spoke with one of my dogs here, and one that has passed. She had 5 solid objective “hits” on specific information she could not possibly have guessed or imagined  – specific only to me and my dogs. Martha has a true gift – not just of compassion and kindness, but she DOES connect with your pet, both here on earth and on the other side. She takes her time and puts her heart & soul into communicating with your pet and really listens. She provides a wealth of information. Be prepared to take notes!”
Rae G.
Agoura, CA
“I have worked with many animal communicators over the years, but Martha’s accuracy is astonishing. This morning she spoke with one of my dogs here, and one that has passed. She had 5 solid objective “hits” on specific information she could not possibly have guessed or imagined  – specific only to me and my dogs. Martha has a true gift – not just of compassion and kindness, but she DOES connect with your pet, both here on earth and on the other side. She takes her time and puts her heart & soul into communicating with your pet and really listens. She provides a wealth of information. Be prepared to take notes!”
Alexandra N.
Los Angeles, CA
“I was at my wits end with my reactive dog, Scout (ACD/Border Collie Mix). Martha was recommended to me by an old friend of hers. Through multiple sessions we were able to work with Scout regarding her triggers and behaviors. Martha did energy healing work with Scout and I have seen improvements. With Martha’s help Scout and I are able to have a deeper relationship.”
Molly B.
Sioux Falls, SD
We were guided to Martha by the Divine, reached out to her last minute and she graciously responded almost immediately. This is our first time working with an animal communicator and Martha connected very well with our baby. Martha is highly intuitive and empathetic, and pours her heart and soul into the session. You can feel and hear the love in her gentle voice as she communicates with animals. Our beautiful session with our baby was cathartic and has been a focal point in our grieving process. The messages that Martha communicated from our baby were accurate and resonated with us. Martha used specific words and described personal information for each family member that she could not possibly have guessed. The day of our session, our baby was not feeling well and Martha text me two hours prior to our session saying that our baby had already asked for help, which in that exact moment he was in pain and distressed. Our baby’s demeanor visibly changed from panting anxiously to calmly resting his head on top of his paws once Martha sent him positive healing energy and translated his messages to us. It was as though our baby got what he needed us to know off his chest. Martha also described two specific and unusual signs that our baby would show us, which in fact manifested into reality- in separate instances our baby walked in three circles and tapped us with his paw, both behaviors that he does not normally do. The session did not feel rushed, Martha patiently spoke with us well over the 30 minute session. Our heartfelt gratitude to Martha, a kind and beautiful soul, for the opportunity of allowing us to communicate with our baby, and for providing us with comfort and understanding of our baby’s lessons, wisdom, soul journey and life’s purpose with our family. We will book Martha again, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to communicate with their pet, living or in spirit! Thank you kindly, Martha, for sharing your special gift with us! ❤️🐾♾
Veronica R.
Sunny California

“I recently lost my beloved cat, Samson, to kidney failure. He was 15 and 1/2 years old. The loss was devastating, as he was my best friend and devoted companion, and his sickness took a sudden decline which I was not prepared for. I reached out to Martha in the hopes of communicating with… being able to ask questions… express all my love.

In our session, Martha was able to connect me to him, and one of the greatest things I took away from the experience was the realization that Samson is always with me, and now without the constraints of his physical body, he goes with me, throughout the day, all the time. It helped me be able to shift my perspective from focusing solely on death and loss… to spiritual energy, simply now in a different form.

Martha, with Samson’s responses, pinpointed various specifics regarding Samson’s behaviors and characteristics throughout his physical lifetime here.
Because of Martha’s empathic nature, she honored and recognized the importance of my grieving, but with this session gave me a pathway out of it… to realize Samson is still very much always with me.”
Matt M.
Los Angeles, CA
“Martha is an amazing pet communicator . I have one and a half year cat Bobby. He has been with us since he was 4weeks old. When I brought another kitten in  , I named her Nora,  Bobby was  acting extremely hostile and angry  to the  existence of the new cat. We have to separate them for many days.  I was very concerned with the situation. I have Martha communicated with Bobby and told Bobby that we would never love him less, our intention was to find a companionship for him. 2days after the communication, Bobby changed his attitude dramatically. He was not angry anymore, he showed sign of curiosity to the new comer, and immediately interact with Nora in a friendly way.  What a relieve to us. Thanks to Martha. We don’t know what to do without your help!”
Cindy Y.
Arcadia, CA
Martha talks to the animals from the heart—and connects you to their very soul. I reached out to her about three weeks after losing my beloved 14-year-old rat terrier and 24-7 companion, Popcorn. He suddenly became very ill one early morning and passed in my arms that evening. I miss him profoundly. Thanks to Martha and her gift, I had the opportunity to communicate with my baby boy once more. The heart-to-heart conversation I had with him via Martha’s kind, gentle approach brought me clarity and healing. I know I connected with his essence, and I continue to feel his energetic presence. So grateful to Martha for illuminating and deepening my long and ongoing journey with my four-legged and forever cherished soulmate.
Chris M.
Lompoc, CA

Martha was very generous with her time as well as the information she provided. I lost my sweet boy that was 17 years old December 2021, I was so very devastated. She was able to provide guidance in helping me feel less guilty about not being there right in the moment he passed away as I just wanted to hold him as he passed but she reassured me that it was unexpected and my boy didn’t even see it coming …My handsome boy and I will forever be connected and she reassured me of that .

One thing that I won’t forget is when she said
“Who rescued who” .. my handsome boy was definitely the greatest blessing…

Martha also provided helpful information about our other dog Gracie which was vital information!

Thank you again ..Highly recommended
Hey Clementine Floral Design
San Diego, CA

If you’re reading this because you’re deciding whether or not to contact Martha, this is your sign to take a leap of faith and do it!
I can assure you it will be the most amazing experience!

My dog of almost 17 years, Bobby, crossed the rainbow bridge suddenly on January 29, 2022. It was the most heartbreaking day of my life and I was devastated.

I remembered listening to an episode from the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast that featured an animal communicator and thought I would try finding one to do a reading with me and Bobby.

That’s when I found Martha and I am so grateful I did!
Martha is kind, incredibly gifted, and comes from a place of love.
I loved the way she connected with Bobby and my mind was blown by the specific details Bobby shared with us from our life together.
I was comforted to know Bobby is always here with me.
Martha took her time with our reading and I thought it was so cool I could ask questions and get a response from Bobby!

Our other dog, Chloe, unexpectedly came through as well!
It was so amazing to connect with both my dogs!

I had no idea what to expect, but the reading went above and beyond my expectations.
Martha has no idea how our reading healed our family in so many ways.
I will always be forever grateful Martha connected me to my forever soulmates one more time.

If you’re looking to reconnect with your pet, contact Martha! You won’t regret it!
Minyoung B.
Lomita, CA

Honestly I’m SOOOO speechless after my conversation with Martha. If you’re on the fence about reading with her PLEASE READ MY REVIEW.

I had gotten a puppy (Olivia) a little over a week ago from some people who told me she was potty trained to go on the puppy pad if she was at home. Well since Olivia has been here she would only use the puppy pad every so often and instead go on the floor. Things got bad on my actual birthday when I had to clean up after her ALL day and had to cancel plans because I didn’t trust her home alone (even in a pen). I remember I spent the entire day crying and was even regretting bringing Olivia home….I was at my wit’s end. Thankfully this is where Martha comes in. We spoke about the issues and how Olivia was still adjusting and didn’t know boundaries. We also spoke about her likes, dislikes, etc. But more importantly we were able to address the potty issue. I had Martha tell Olivia to go and paw at or stand at my back door where the grass patch was (she’s never gone pee there….only the front of my building or the park). We moved onto another subject shortly and while on the phone with Martha, Olivia went to my back door and actually used the patch of grass I had on my balcony. I was AMAZED and in SHOCK! I never once taught her this but because Martha was able to communicate to her directly she knew what to do. Since then a ton of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. If you need help with your pet please give Martha a call. She’s super kind, compassionate, and more importantly — helpful! I’ll definitely be reaching out to her in the near future regarding additional follow up questions or issues that may arise.
Tara M.
Redondo Beach, CA
Martha was able to connect me with my companion that had just passed, as well as my other cat still here with me, and was able to help bring us both a great deal of peace and understanding, in addition helped provide information giving us guidance on what to do moving forward in our grieving process. Thank you for everything!
Kristen M.
Lomita, CA

If you are on the fence about making an appointment with Martha – do not hesitate- just do it!

I reached out to Martha to connect with my cat Rocco while we were house and dog/cat sitting to assure him that this was temporary, and he didn’t need to be frightened. Martha was able to connect with him immediately, and he was to my surprise very chatty. He was able to express his concerns which Martha helped me to address with him. We also discussed some issues that were occurring at home. Now that I understand his logic behind those behaviors I am happy to allow him to continue his business as usual rather than find a way to curtail it.

My initial email to Martha was very vague and provided little detail outside of my general goal for the conversation. She was able to provide information that she would have no way to know other than directly from the source himself. When Martha conveyed that Rocco said, “I’m Mommy’s lovebug” I nearly burst into tears. I call him “my little lovebug” several times a day so I have absolutely no doubt that she was connected to Rocco.

Words cannot express what a wonderful experience it was to speak with Martha. She is extremely kind and empathetic and in general just a lovely human.

My advice to anyone making an appointment is to write down your questions or concerns to make sure that you cover everything. Martha is very thorough and I really appreciated that she asked both Rocco and me before the call was over if there way anything else we wanted to express.

Again, don’t hesitate, Martha is the real deal. Take the time to make an appointment and have a chat with your fur babies.
Jess L.
New York City