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Katie F.

Somerset UK

“Martha very kindly connected to my best boy Midge the cockerel.
Overview on Midge
He is home grown from my original flock of 4 (a bantam laced cockerel Max and three standard sized hens) and was hatched naturally, but hand reared with his two sisters. So he’s a very loved and spoilt boy.
At 10 months he became ‘active’ with the hens and caused huge upset resulting in fighting his dad and ultimately my dog reacting and sadly getting involved! Resulting in us only having one cockerel in the flock again 😢
He’s been an Amazing boy and last year we let a broody sit another clutch and four hatched 2 boys and 2 girls. I guessed we would have problems with the dynamics again so around 20 months one boy Buzz was given an old stroppy hen to live with and the smaller boy Hawk stayed with the main flock as he proved immature. That was until Midge fell lame. I noticed him sitting down a lot to start with. Then within days junior hawk was sparring with him as soon as they were out the coup. Again my rescue dog would find them and on one occasion had pinned hawk down and was plucking him alive! Thank god I was also in our garden and intervened immediately. Hawk made a full recovery and was shipped off to Gloucester to look after 17 ex battery girls on a smallholding of a friends❤️
While Midge had gone from bad to worse on his feet I had separated him completely and young buzz,with his grumpy hen, has lead the other 6 girls.
After a few weeks Midge seemed good to move, if played with, so I placed a little bullied hen in with him. A reason to get up and out everyday it seemed. He’s not cock-a-doodle dooed in weeks though😢
Tonight after Martha’s reading I herded everyone in from the garden half an hour early and let Midge and little Raven out for a blast around the lawns. He looks alert and dandy now. Slow and steady on foot but today is a bright start for him.
Tomorrow he can have his two sisters out with him also.
The old girls can stick with young Buzz and back to alternating flocks in the run or in the garden.
Martha said Midge felt confused and got a feeling of ‘what’s the point’
I related that to him seeing buzz now leading the flock. 😢
I asked her to assure him buzz will also be kept away and reaffirm our love to him and that things will get back to normal.
She mentions his lacklustre to breed and I will respect that and if we ever add I will rescue xxx
Thank you Martha i feel you have given him the tonic to carry on.
Update 25 October- Midge has made a good recovery. He has no interests in his hens. Soo glad we gave him the chance to recover❤️.“

Stacey B.

South Dakota

I don’t know what I was expecting, exactly. I was really hoping Martha would be able to connect with my dogs, and let me know that they are okay. I feel like they’ve always had something to tell me, but we just don’t understand each other. She connected with both of my dogs, and was able to answer some of my questions with very specific answers. It was important for me to have details that only they would be able to answer, and Martha was able to provide those. I learned that my dogs are healthy, and happy in their lives with their family. They play such an important role in my life, and I wanted to be sure I am doing everything I can for them. Some of the answers were unexpected, but they really made sense when considering their personalities. I feel like Martha really helped me understand my puppers more. I see them in a little different light now, which feels great. I feel more connected to them.

I would definitely recommend Martha to help you communicate with your animals.