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Martha Malone is an animal communicator for all animal species, as well as those who have passed on and who have reincarnated. She talks with animals in other dimensions as well. Martha adds, “When I communicate with animals, I emphatically connect with them and telepathically communicate with them via an exchange of energy between our Souls.”

Following a lifelong Love of animals, Martha Malone has been formally trained in animal communication. Holding a space of empathy, she telepathically communicates with animals through energy. Animal communication is an exchange of energy by sending and receiving telepathic information between the human’s Soul and the animal’s Soul.

Martha has been trained in animal communication by renown legendary animal “whisperer” and energy healer, Val Heart, and continues to be mentored by her. Often referred to as “The Real Dr. Doolittle,” Heart has her own learning academy as well.
Martha has always Loved animals and is very passionate about animals, animal welfare, and animal rights. She welcomes all animals for communication sessions. The distance between the animal and Martha does not have any affect on the accuracy of communication between them. That being said, the animal can be located anywhere in the world, in Spirit, and in other dimensions and Martha can communicate with the animal if the animal is interested in communicating with Martha; all this is accomplished through energy and telepathy.
Animals are beautiful creatures. They are living and breathing beings with Souls, feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes, opinions, WISDOM, LOVE and so much more. It is Martha’s Hope that one day all humans will see animals like this and that all animals will be able to live a healthy, happy, comfortable, and fulfilling life. Martha has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Psychology – this formal education helps enhance her ability to better work with humans when relaying information from an animal to the human.

Animal communication can help with ANYTHING (outside what only those licensed in the veterinary field can do) involving ANY animal (including those In Spirit or who have reincarnated) as long as the animal is interested in communicating. Some examples of what animal communication can help with are: death, dying, and communication with the animal when in the Spirit World; illness/injury; training by helping humans and their animals learn how to co-exist peacefully; potty training; litter box usage; behavioral issues such as inappropriate urination or fear; animals not eating; aggressive and/or territorial behaviors; missing or lost animals; simply talking with the animals and asking the animal questions or getting to know the animal; and more.
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