Two Hearts and Two Souls Communicating with Love
My Heart and Soul lead the way through my undying Love for all animals when communicating.
Since not every animal communicates the same way, I am versed in all telepathic senses and use them all whether it’s clair-audience, clair-recognizance, clair-sentience, or clair -voyance. All animals have something to say and deserve for the person to know what they are saying.
I cherish every animal I communicate with and all communication I have with them.
On my Soul’s journey, it is part of its purpose in this lifetime to help as many animals as it can and to help make the world a better place for them.
I wish you and your animals Love and Light.
Don’t let your mind lead the way with fear-let your Soul lead the way with Love ❤️.


Martha has been trained in animal communication and empathically and telepathically connects and communicates through energy. Martha is being mentored in the field and has been trained by master and legendary animal communicator and energy healer Val Heart. Val also has her own school.


Animal communication can help with ANYTHING (outside of services that only those in the veterinary field can provide) involving ANY animal (even those in Spirit) as long as the animal is interested in communicating.


Sometimes animals need Healing. Through Love and compassion for the animal, Martha connects with the animal and create energy to help the animal Heal with that very intention. Energy created through intention is a powerful force. Love is an important key ingredient when working with animals in any form. Putting these together promotes a conducive environment for Healing an animal from anything that needs healing -physical, mental, emotional, energetically, and Soulfully.

While licensed veterinarians and others in the veterinary field have their place in Healing, Martha is not licensed for anything in the veterinary field and does not claim to do things that only those who are licensed in the veterinary field do.




Best of 2020 Winner