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Animal communication can help with ANYTHING (outside what only those licensed in the veterinary field can do) involving ANY animal (including those In Spirit or who have been reincarnated) as long as the animal is interested in communicating. Examples of what animal communication can help with are: death, dying, and communication with the Spirit World; illness/injury; training; behavioral issues; inappropriate urination; fear; animals not eating; aggressive and/or territorial behaviors; missing or lost animals; simply just telepathically talking with the animal can create a major difference for the animal whether in this realm or another realm. The animal can ask questions, share wisdom, give insight, give requests, share feelings, and more! The animal gets to be heard!

Is your animal ill or injured? Does your animal experience emotional issues? Have veterinarians and pet psychologists not been fully effective? Does your animal need more help? Perhaps your animal could benefit from energetic Healing. Everything in the Universe is energy. Physical, mental, emotional, behavioral and Spiritual/Soul based things that need Healing can be Healed or helped through energetic Healing.

Martha offers sessions via phone and WhatsApp. For the first time talking with the animal and human, Martha prefers to have a picture of the animal that has a good view of the animal’s face and to know the animal’s name.

Finally, please let Martha know a general overview of why you would like a session.