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Breach of Tenancy Agreement Rent Arrears

As a tenant, it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities as defined in your tenancy agreement. Rent arrears is one of the most common issues that tenants face, which can result in a breach of tenancy agreement. In this article, we’ll discuss what rent arrears are, the consequences of breaching your tenancy agreement, and how you can prevent rent arrears from happening in the first place.

What are Rent Arrears?

Rent arrears refers to the situation when a tenant fails to pay their rent on time, or they owe outstanding rent payments. This situation can occur due to a variety of reasons such as financial difficulties, job loss, or unexpected expenses.

Consequences of Breaching your Tenancy Agreement

If you find yourself in rent arrears, it’s essential to take action as soon as possible to avoid breaching your tenancy agreement. A breach of your tenancy agreement can have severe consequences, including eviction. It can also lead to a damaged credit rating, which can make it challenging for you to rent a property in the future. Additionally, landlords may take legal action against you to recover any outstanding rent payments, which can lead to court costs and additional financial debt.

Preventing Rent Arrears

Preventing rent arrears is possible by taking a few proactive steps. Firstly, it’s essential to keep track of your finances and budget your expenses accordingly, so you prioritise rent payments. If you find yourself in financial difficulties, speak to your landlord as soon as possible to come up with a payment plan or discuss other options, such as government support.

It’s also crucial to communicate with your landlord to keep them informed about any payment issues. This will demonstrate your willingness to cooperate and resolve the situation, which can help prevent future problems. Additionally, ensure you understand your tenancy agreement regarding payment terms and deadlines, as well as any clauses relating to rent arrears.


Rent arrears can lead to a breach of tenancy agreement, which can have serious consequences for tenants. By taking proactive steps such as budgeting, communicating with landlords, and understanding tenancy agreement clauses, tenants can prevent rent arrears. It’s crucial to act quickly to resolve any payment issues to avoid legal action and eviction, which can have long-term impacts on your rental history and financial health.